Friday, August 25, 2006

Life after Vietnam

Usually Vietnam Vets delusions are so negative, but this dude has the right idea.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yourself - The Day People Came

It's no wonder the fucking hippies jumped ship in the eighties, if the only free shows they could see were played by transparent assholes like these.

His Reality Continued

Holy shit. I realize that indoctrination is first or second on the list when you're a Christian, I've just never seen it in such condescending and shady terms.

His Reality

Some of the most surreal Christian work that I've seen in a long time. I love the bottom of the barrel chef/coal = salvation analogy. Note the rude bible, and the aimless puppet driving intro.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Christian Mimes


Jan Terri

Apparently working as a Chicago limo driver gets you access to making alot of VHS music videos (I'm assuming to pass out to "clients" free of charge). The majority of these share the same general format. Jan Terri travels around Chicago/hazy Chicago montage/cut to Jan Terri singing in front of ugly bodies of water (I.E.:Industrial Port, Drainage outlets) dancing, intensely squinting and pointing at the camera. Though this is the most disorienting video I've seen from her collection, I highly recommend "Losing You" and "Get Down Goblin" as well.

Sondra Prill

If I did'nt know she was totally serious I would think this was pastiche. PLEASE watch her other gems.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Great Daryl Nathan Entertainment Show

Despite its uplifting intro and dedication, this carries a serious message. Michigan Public Access circa 1996.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Stephen Longfellow Fiske's "ST"

Stephen Longfellow Fiske's "ST"
1. Heartsong
2. Eagle Fly
3. Easy Come, Easy Go
4. The Walls Are Falling
5. No Easy Answers
6. Bridges Of Love
7. Warriors Of The Heart
8. O Earth Beautiful
9. Green City
10. Visions
11. Earth Anthem

i picked this cd up in chillicothe, ohio when i was going to recording school there about 3 years ago. the music is poorly recorded and needs to be mastered or at least have a little more volume to it.

the song earth anthem is actually a retake on the national anthem, but with new earth conscious lyrics about saving the planet, etc. if i remember correctly this cd has has some pretty sweet fretless bass work. it was put out on Higher Octave Vocal. it's a branch of the Higher Octave label, one for music with vocals. and of course, the players:

Stephen Longfellow Fiske (vocals, guitar); Peter White (lead guitar); Neal Morse (electric & acoustic guitars, background vocals); Zavier (12-string guitar); Tony Selvage, Novi Novog (electric viola); Ben Marciano (wooden flute, heart whistle); Richard Hardy (flute); Gary Meek (soprano & tenor saxophones); Jeff Order (piano, keyboards); Pat Hubbard, Mark Lavang, Jai Josefs (keyboards); Tom Tucciarone, Effriam Schwab (bass); John Mahan (drums); Brent Lewis (congas, percussion); Tim Timmermans, Jorge Bermudez (percussion); Oliver Brown (congas); Meera Alexander, Annie Hughes, Esther Terry, Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Jessica Baron, Maureen McCrink, Michael Horn, Harold Payne (background vocals)

it should go without saying that this cd is terrible. it is the kind of thing that no used cd place would ever buy, but then again why would i ever want to sell it? the cover alone is worth the price of admission.

the mustache, the eagle, the look on his face: perfect. but i guess i am partial because i automatically love any album where someone plays "heart whistle".if i remember correctly i bought this the same day i bought nu skool junkies "lust reaction" album. i searched google for it and i couldn't get anything to come up, so i may have to "delve deeper" as mission man would say.


Edward Furlong's "Hold on Tight"

Edward Furlong's "Hold on Tight"

1. Right For Me
2. I Don't Know What I'd Do
3. Give Your Heart To Me
4. When The Sun Goes Down
5. I'll Be Waiting
6. Hold On Tight (Special Album Version)
7. People Are Strange
8. It's Christmas Time

I received a CD-R copy of this from one of my good friends who had met a girl that bought the record in sincerity on E-bay from Japan. It was said by Edward that if he found any copies of the album in a store that he'd buy every one and destroy them immediately. Aside from Japan I don't think this was sold in stores though. It was rumored at its height to rank in the top ten amongst our Nipponese neighbors, neck and neck with the likes of Michael Jackson and Koto-Sprosion. No mention of his follow up effort "The Happy Prince and My Grandfathers Favorite Poems" (not kidding) so it must of stood the test of time. The majority of these sound like karaoke back-up of L.A. sesh' musicians.

The whole record stumbles along with searing guitars and weak Doogie Howser keyboard work. One highlight is the Doors cover of "People are Strange", it sounds not surprisingly like when people on sitcoms form bands to save the rec-hall, etc. (See: Uncle Jessie). Ray Manzarek's piano works are replaced with a blazing saxophone, and the otherwise common place guitar/bass harmonies are all but drowned out by a chorus of back-up vocalists who bizarrely chant accents (Wicked! Wanted!) to Furlongs' limp pre-pubescent nasal'ings.
Have you ever noticed though that some records that you listen to only work during certain times of the year? Furlong's way ahead of you. To make this an album accessible to all seasons they have graciously included a Christmas song to close out this fucking disaster.
"Underneath the mistletoe, turn out the light, because its Christmas time."
- Edward Furlong